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Save Money Using Discounted Gift Cards

Chris and I have been using Zeek for a couple of months now. Zeek is a gift card market place that allows you to buy and sell gift cards. We're going to share why we love Zeek so much and how you can get a PizzaExpress gift card 48% off with no work or hassle or 65% off at Cineworld. Plus we'll share how you can get £5 credit for free. 

save money gift cards

We've mentioned before that we enter a lot of competitions (and have won over £5,000 in prizes in the past few years) often prizes will be gift cards. Zeek provides an easy way to sell unwanted gift cards that you've collected perhaps as a gift or as a prize. If your an avid Swagbucks user you may also find Zeek useful to trade in any unwanted gift cards and it allows you to set the discount.

Zeek sell

Zeek also provides an easy way to get more bang for your buck as you are able to buy gift cards at less than their cash value. That means that simply by changing your payment method to gift cards vs cash/debit card you make instant savings. Plus they can be used in conjunction with other coupons and discount cards to you can get lots of savings. 

They have a mixture of e-gift vouchers and physical gift cards which they post out in 7 days (though we have found they have shipped quicker). You have a wallet that allows you to keep track of your gift cards allowing you to mark when they are used and there is an app that allows you to take your e-vouchers on the go and save on printing. The only real downside to this interface is that you have to manually log when they are used it would be cool if that data was automatically imported (though perhaps I'm being unrealistic and a little lazy). 
Zeek buy

Some of our favourite uses of Zeek purchased gift cards include:
- Food Shopping. 
Its an essential expense so why not save a little extra. Over the course of a year you could save £100s of pounds. Looking for other ways to save on your food shopping? 
- Dining out. 
We mentioned one of our new years goals it to not pay full price dining out and using gift cards is part of our tactic. We'll share with you today how you can save almost 50% at Pizza Express with Zeek. 
- Cinema tickets 
We used it in conjunction with student discount and Meerkat Movies (learn how to get 2for1 movies for a year for £2 or less). It should cost 2 adults £21.20 to see a 2D movie. But using a gift card (with an 10% discount), 2for1 and student discount it is £7.29 over 65% saving.  
- Giving gift cards as gifts. 
Perhaps your not quite sure what to get someone or a wedding registry has specifically asked for gift cards. Gift cards are an easy and convenient gift and now even more affordable. 

Save Big on Pizza. 

Right now you can buy a £15 Pizza Express Gift Card for £12.70 giving you 15% off and remember you can use the gift card in conjunctions with any other coupons you have (Pizza Express regular run 2for1 offers). Plus if you sign up through our link you'll get an extra £5 in credit FREE bringing the cost down to £7.70 saving you 48%. Thats almost half price !!

We enjoy using Zeek and find it really easy to use and make purchases. Whilst the discounts could tempt you into purchasing more than necessary we try to limit our purchases to gift cards for stores we know we will use. For example, we have recently been buying a Tesco gift card at the start of the month for our grocery money and using only that. It saves money two-fold because it works much like the 'cash-envelope' system; once the money is gone its gone. Secondly, we save money because we are not paying full price for the gift card. 

This  is a sponsored post that contains affiliate link. To learn more about why we use affiliate links please see our disclaimer at the bottom of our page. All opinions are our own and we have used Zeek for a while before being approach for this post. 

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*This post contains affiliate links, all opinions are our own*

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  1. I love discount gift card websites! I'm glad the UK is starting to catch up with them - I've been using Raise to knock down some of my regular purchases since I found it about 3 years ago.