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2for1 movies for a year for £2 or less

We love going to the cinema on our date nights but it can get very pricy. We used to go out on cheaper nights but now our local cinema no longer offers them we can be looking at close to £20 for both of our tickets, if we choose to have any snacks the price can quickly escalate. 

With meerkat movies you can get 2for1 movies on Tuesdays and Wednesday and works a many cinemas including most cineworld and odeon as well as some independent cinemas.  There are several ways to go about getting this awesome freebie. Plus this can be combined with student priced tickets (or an unlimited card). 

The cheapest way to get this is to use comparethemarket to do a price comparison when when you are renewing your Car, Van, Motorbike, Home, Landlord, Pet or Life insurance policies. If you have one or more of these types of insurance (which most people will have at least one) then you can claim a code for nothing and you may even save money by getting a better deal on your insurance policy. 
If you are looking to switch your energy, TV or broadband again you can use the comparison site to get the best deal and if you purchase through the site then you will be eligible for the 2for1 freebie.

Not got any insurance policies? Or non due for renewal any time soon but still want to take advantage of this great deal. Then there is a loophole. We purchase a single trip travel insurance from within the UK (domestic travel) for 2 nights we spent about £3 but I have found ones for as little as £2. As there is no minimum purchase price on products to qualify for the Meerkat Movies this purchase will be eligible. Though there is a slight cost, you will be making a saving even if you go to the cinema once in the whole year. 

Have you taken advantage of this great deal offered by ComparetheMarket? 


  1. I had never heard of this! Very cool.

  2. Woah - awesome hack! I would've loved to know this when I was in uni. Even with the student discounts, it was still a solid £5-10 per movie at best.