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Earn money sharing your uni experience

What if we told you that your could earn money simply by sharing your university experience with prospective students. At UniBuddy it is as simple as that.

earn money sharing uni experience

UniBuddy is a website that pays current university students to talk to prospective students about their university experience. This could involve any aspect of your experience from applying, housing, academics or student life.

Start by competing your profile about who you are and your eduction (where you study and what you are studying)
Then add posts to your profile (these could be on any topic about your university experience). These help penitential students get an idea of who you are and whether they are interested in talking to you.

When students start messaging you this is when you get paid. Currently UniBuddy pays up to £35 per applicant you help. Plus for the posts you add to your profile there is a regular competition to win £40 for the best post. Whilst Beckie managed to win at the end of December (so the giveaway is completely legitimate).

Flexible, easy work for home, or on the go making it a great option for the busy student. 
Requires very little skill.  Essentially by sharing your experience of univeristy and applications you can help mentor potential applicants. The better quality your writing is the more likely your posts will drive traffic but you don't need to be an a literary genius, just good at conveying your experience in a friendly tone. 

Sporadic and definitely not a consistent income source. Rather it is a good way of earning some supplemental cash.
It is entirely reliant on applicants choosing to talk to you so there is no guarantee of ever earning anything. We also wonder if your odds are better at getting people to talk to you if you are studying a popular subject (law, medicine, engineering etc.) at a popular university (i.e. Russel group or oxbridge). Though we have no evidence of this other than observation of users of UniBuddy.

Have you had any success earning with UniBuddy? 

Disclaimer- SavingScotts has no affiliation with UniBuddy and all opinions are our own. 


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    *This post contains affiliate links, all opinions are our own*

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