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How to earn £100s in free gift cards

Ever wished you could earn gift vouchers for doing activities you do on a daily basis. Well there is a site out there that allows you to do just that. Swagbacks allows you earn money from browsing the web and doing your online shopping as well as in many other ways.
Through collecting Swagbucks (SB) you can exchange them for gift vouchers from hundreds of different stores or paypal cash. We love using our SB for our amazon purchases but there are so many options. You could even use it as a way to save for birthdays, christmas and vacations. 

How to earn?
There are several different way to earn with Swagbucks some more passive than others. 

Search and Earn - Install the search bar and use it just as you would use bing or google. As you search the internet you'll accumulate SB. This is the most passive way to earn SB as you are doing a task you would already normally do. You are randomly awarded SB once or twice a day of approx 5-10 SB.

Daily polls - Complete a quick (less than 1 minute) daily poll each day to earn 1 SB

Surveys- These are exactly how they sound, simple surveys to be completed. Depending on the length of survey they could earn you from around 25-200 SB a time. There are often surveys for 60SB that take less than 5 minutes to complete.   

Swagcodes- Can often been found on the FB page they provide bonus points they have random values which change day to do. 

Shopping online- Swagbucks offers a cashback-esque option which buy clicking through their site the vendors site you receive SB based on the value of your purchase. These amount vary depending on the vendor and often there will be promotions offering extra SB so keep an eye out. But remember don't go making purchases just for the SB its never cost efficient. 

Discover- Get SB for exploring special offers. 
Coupons (though this feature is not available in the UK). Be sure to check this area if your a big coupon fan. Every coupon you print is worth 10 SB
Playing games and watching videos- These are perhaps the least lucrative and most time consuming options for gaining SB and probably the least worthwhile. But the TV can be great for background watching whilst doing other things such as chores. We don't actively use either for earning SB.

Top Tip 
Download the Swagbucks Toolbar and never miss a SB deal again. It doubles as a search engine bar and a reminder for when your on a site that there is Shop & Earn opportunity. Making earning SB even easier. 

How much could you earn?
Lets take a average year, excluding any SB from shopping you could earn (so this is no where near the maximum you could earn in a year)

1 SB a day from daily polls - 365 SB
60 a day SB Daily Survey  - 21900 SB
250 SB a week for other surveys - 13,000 SB
10 SB from daily searches - 3650 SB
10 SB from Swagbucks TV a day- 3650SB
4 SB from games - 1460SB
Total - 44,025 SB 

Doing this alone would earn you earn over £300 a year for very little effort. Remember this doesn't take into account any Spend and Earn points you may gain or daily swagcodes so there is potential to earn a lot more than £300. There is an awesome FB group were people save for whole trips to Walt Disney World with SwagBucks!!

Ready to start earning free gift cards?
If your ready to start earning free gift cards click on the link here to sign up and enjoy all the benefits of swagbucks.


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  1. I'm a big swagbucks fan and have used my giftcards for lot's of Christmas and birthday presents over the years!

  2. I go back and forth with SB; sometimes I seek them out; others I question if this is really a useful way to spend time. Definitely use a junk email box for any offers or surveys that ask for email address.

  3. I love how you broke down the little amount of effort it would take to bring in an extra $500. Awesome.