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Make £45 in 30 minutes with Matched Betting

You may have heard of matched betting before. Its not a new concept, but it is increasing in popularity recently. If like me you might have been sceptical, and as someone who is strongly against gambling I wasn't sure if matched betting would be for me ethically. However, this month we decided to take the plunge and try out matched betting and we are loving it and the results we have been getting ever since.  I will also share with you how you could make £40-£60 today, risk free, as a one off even if you don't want to get into matched betting as a side hustle.

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Matched betting takes advantage of free betting offers given by bookies. You place a qualifying back bet on a bookie and a lay bet on an exchange with the aim to make as small a loss as possible (usually a couple of quid).  From there you will make a second back bet with the 'free bets' credited to your bookie account and lay the same bet in the exchange. It is this bet where the money is made and you can typically earn 80% (average) of the free bet value. This all means that there is not risk involved in matched betting, and in that sense it's not really gambling.

As matched betting is considered gambling by the law it is not liable for income tax which makes it hugely advantageous (who likes paying tax and national insurance after all). Though because of this remember it won't be considered income for assessment purposes (ie a mortgage) which can be disadvantageous, so whilst it is a great income stream it would not be super brilliant to have it as a a households only source of income.

I had heard great things about Profit Accumulators video guides for beginners as they are clear and simple to understand. They have two beginner offers that available without subscription. The first one  with Coral I made a profit of £22 Whist on Betfred I made a profit of £21. All in less than an afternoon.

Armed with my new found confidence, I wanted to see if there were any other websites out there with similar facilities (ie an odd matching calculator). I used Save the student for an offer but felt disappointed with their calculator only showing a limited number of odds matches and no function to filter for higher or lower and still felt I needed the super clear instruction of Profit Accumulator. With this in mind, and the fact that I knew I could make the monthly subscription back in less than a single offer I signed up for profit accumulator to access their huge list of offers and resources. Since then I haven't looked back and have continued to work methodically through the offers shown allowing me to make some great money for the amount of time I'm putting in.

This is the real clincher in all side hustles? Is it worth it for the time invested? Well I have to say matched betting most certainly is. I made £43 off the free offers available on profit accumulator having spend about half an hour in total (including watching the videos). Thats seems like a a pretty good hourly rate to me.  So even if you never sign up for the advanced offers here is your chance to earn an quick £40-60.

However, if you choose to use matched betting as a income source it can be quite lucrative. If you put in 1-2 hours a day you would expect to earn £1000+ a month (tax free). I work full time (13 hour days) and have still managed to make money with matched betting as once you get into the process it becomes a lot simpler (not that it ever takes much time), when working I probably spend 2hrs a week at the moment and we are still finding it to be a great income source and able to earn £400-500 a month. I love the flexibility it offers and will certainly be 'upping the hours' I put in when I start my masters program as a means of supplementing our income. The flexibility matched betting offers makes it great not only as a full time side hustle but for those with busy lives either working, looking after the kids or studying. It really can fit into any schedule.

We will be sharing with you exactly how much we eared this month on matched betting in the August online income report (so stay tuned) but right now we are on track to surpass our goal of £400 this month. Considering that this we are quite new to it all and we have been fitting it in around full time work its a brilliant side hustle and one we could highly recommend.

We also have a FB support group to help you meet other students earning money through matched betting and allow you to support and discuss each other.

Have you tried matched betting? Got an great stories share them in the comments below?


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