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£5 Dinners | Courgette and Tomato Tart

We have started a new series of posts on Instagram called £5 Dinners where we will be sharing some of our favourite budget friendly meals. Follow us @savingscotts to keep updated with the series.

We have also decided to post all the recipes on here and there is now an easy to use tab on the navigation bar just for £5 dinners. So you can find all your favourite, easy to cook, low cost dinners in one place. 

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£5 Dinners

This weeks recipe is a courgette tart that takes 30-35 to prepare and cook making it a great mid-week meal plus its vegetarian too. Prices listed below for ingredients are for the 7/1/2017 at The total cost for this meal serving 4 people is £3.57. 

courgette tart

- Pre rolled puff pastry - £1.30
- 1 courgette- sliced  - £0.38
- Brie 200g - £1.15
- 3 - 4 tomatoes £0.69
- Italian herbs £0.05

- Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees celsius 
- Cut the puff pastry to fit your baking tray. Score the pastry approx 1cm from the edge on all 4 sides.
- Add a row of courgette slices, followed by a row of tomato slices and them brie. 
- Repeat until you fill the puff pastry. 
- Season with a pinch of Italian herbs. 
- Cook for 20-25 minutes.
- Serve with your favourite vegetables (we served with some left-over pesto pasta) . 

We love to keep all the meal plans and recipes we create in one easy to use binder. 
Plus, by keeping the recipes in sheet protecters means we can re-use them time and time again and saves us printing out several copies. 


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