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Earn Money At University Nannying

With the cost of childcare skyrocketing and students with an ever increasing need to have a income capable of sustaining them whilst studying (aka not national minimum wage). Students have for years turned to babysitting and au paring as a great way to gain supplemental income whilst still being flexible to allow your studies.

earn money nannying

But it can sometimes be tricky to find nannying jobs as a student with no formal childcare qualifications. Whilst local listed advertisements can be great, especially if you university has a site, and online sites such as can help with the search of finding nannying jobs neither are specifically aimed at students.

We recently came across a site called student nannies. It aims to put parents in need of flexible child care in contact with univeristy students looking for work around their studies. They aim to help students find regular work and intern a regular income rather than struggling with zero-hours contracts and the uncertainty they bring.

However, the perks to students extend beyond the new paycheque but also the opportunity to intern and gain CV enhancing opportunities. One user described how she was able to obtain and internship through her networking with her nannying family opening up opportunities that would by have other wise been afforded to her.

The amount you can earn depends on the family and location (London jobs pay more, and there are more London listings on the site), but remember you are entitled to the national minimum wage (if your employer counts you as a worker). The only downside to the site is that it is not shown initially on a listing how much the family are willing to pay. 

Student Nannies advises parents to pay a rate that reflects babysitting in their areas. Outside of London this is about £8/£10 an hour and inside of London £10/£12 an hour. If there is additional tutoring involved in the role then the hourly wage can quickly increase to £25/£30 per hour. This can be a great way to tap into the earning potential of a talent be it playing the piano or maths.

What are you experiences of nannying / babysitting as an income stream. 

Looking for more student friendly jobs check out this list of online jobs 


    If you are new to our blog, we are all about finding new ways for students and millennials to make and save money. Here are some of our favourite sites and products to help you out:
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    How to start a blog to make money from home

    Are your a college student looking to earn more money? Trying to create a side hustle to boost your income, perhaps your trying to pay off your student loans, get out of debt or establish an emergency fund. Whatever your financial goal blogging could be a great option for you.

    Note: This post contains affiliate links

    Start a blog to earn money
    Blogging can be a great way to earn money and can produce different income steams. Whatever you are passionate about from cooking to music there is opportunity for you to earn money blogging. 

    Starting from the bottom.
    You might not have much technical knowledge, but do not fret. You don't need to be a master coder or a journalist to be a successful blogger. 

    Starting a blog
    Starting a blog can feel like and overwhelming process and when I first started I wish I knew what I do now. The internet is full of great resources on blogging but there are a few key elements when starting out. 

    Deciding your niche/topic  
    what are you interested and passionate about. What do you want to share with in your life to the world, the options are limitless the most important thing is that you have a genuine interest in that area.

    Choosing a name

    This can be quite tricky and definitely not something to be rushed into as your blog name is your brand, you can even use your own name (Chris and I's surname is Scott which is where SavingScotts came about). Whilst you can change it at a later date it can be a kerfuffle so try to choose something timeless. 

    Find a domain name
    Once you have chosen your name you want to make sure that a relevant domain is free, you might also want to check that its free on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram as this will allow continuity. 

    Most people will chose a .com version (but you may wish to buy other formats in addition). Head to to check the availably of the domain(s) you want. For the beginner blogger they have some great prices including a Special offer of .COM or .CO.UK just £0.99!

    Blog host
    When you first start out, using Blogger is a great free option and you are able to link your personalised domain to it easily. It allows a significant number of features and allows you to keep your expenditure for your blog log when first starting. 

    Blogger also allows easy integration with google Adsense, allowing you to integrate an instantaneous revenue stream. 

    As your blog grows you may wish to switch to self hosting on a site such as The transition from blogger to WordPress is relatively simple, and allows you to make the switch when you are ready. 

    If you are looking to move to WordPress I would recommend using BlueHostIf you purchase through my link, you can get hosting as cheap as $3.95 a month! They even have a handy guide on how to move between Blogger and WordPress and their 24/7 support are there to help you through the transition. 

    Earn money from home 
    Blogging is something you can do from home, around your schedule. Blogging can truly help you gain financial freedom. As a blogger income can come from a variety of different sources including advertising, affiliate programmes and sponsored posts. 
    We continue to find google ads to be a solid steady source of blog income and it allows you to start earning from day one. 
    For affiliate programmes we primarily use Awin (formally affiliate window) they allow you to keep you affiliates in one place making the whole process simple to manage. 

    £5 dinners | Spiced pumpkin soup

    We have started a new series of posts on Instagram called £5 Dinners where we will be sharing some of our favourite budget friendly meals. Follow us @savingscotts to keep updated with the series.
    We have also decided to post all the recipes on here and there is now an easy to use tab on the navigation bar just for £5 dinners. So you can find all your favourite, easy to cook, low cost dinners in one place. 
    Plus save money on your food shop using approved discount gift cards with Zeek. 

    This weeks recipe is the perfect way to use up left over pumpkins after halloween and is vegetarian, vegan and dairy free friendly. It is the perfect winter warmer and is less than £3 for 4 portions. It is best served with fresh bread to dip into the soup. It can be made in batches, frozen and reheated when required. 

    • 1kg of pumpkin- peeled and cubed (50p)
    • 1 tbsp of vegetable oil (20p)
    • 1 onion chopped (10p)
    • 2 cm of fresh root ginger- peeled and finely chopped (10p)
    • 4 tsp red thai curry paste (50p)
    • 450 ml vegetable stock (5p)
    • 400 ml of coconut milk (£1)
    • 20g fresh basil (10p)

    1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius and cook the pumpkin in a roasting tin for 30 minutes until soft.
    2. Meanwhile in a pan soften the onion and finer in the oil for 10 minutes
    3. Add the red curry pasta and stir for 2 minutes
    4. Add the vegetable stock and coconut milk and bring to the boil. Allow to simmer for 5 minutes.
    5. Remove the pan from the heat and allow to cool slightly.
    6. Add to a blender the pumpkin and then the liquid and blend until smooth. 
    7. Add the fresh basil and serve.

    We love to keep all the meal plans and recipes we create in one easy to use binder. 
    Plus, by keeping the recipes in sheet protecters means we can re-use them time and time again and saves us printing out several copies. 


    Make money decluttering with Ziffit

    It's human nature to hoard and collect; we've all done it at some point. But having a good clear out can be good for both the mind and the bank balance. When Chris and I got married in January, the best man made a 'prenup' for us, and one of the clauses was about Chris not bringing his mass of DVDs and Games to our small city apartment.

    Despite this far more than I would have liked found their way into our new home. After months of asking, I finally convinced him to part ways with at least of few of his older games (that haven't been used in years). Rather than throwing them away we hoped to sell them and make some extra money.

    In the past, we have used other selling methods including auction sites, Facebook pages and trade-in apps but have never been fully happy with the process with many reasons and so with nothing to lose decided to give Ziffit a try and we were pleasantly surprise with the experience.

    Their selling system was easy to use and only took a couple of steps (and minutes).  Firstly, we downloaded the app on my phone. We then made an account and scanned in the barcodes of the games we were selling. You then choose your payment method from bank transfer, cheque or Paypal (we chose Paypal for the added level of security it always adds).

    Ziffit will then email (or post you) a package label for you to attach to the box your are putting your DVDs, games or books in. All you have to do is pack up the items you are selling and take them to your nearest free collection point (ours was less than a mile from our home). You can drop the parcel off at any Collect+ point, you can find these all over the country from post offices, supermarkets to petrol stations. The app will advise you where your nearest collection point, however you can see on Collect+ site  there are so many locations that you could drop them off on the way to work or picking up the kids. Once Ziffit receive your goods you then get paid by your nominated method.

    Apart from being a way to declutter and make cash from items lying around the home. Ziffit it much quicker and more efficient than selling on buying pages and on auction sites, you don't get messed around by buyers or stung with selling fees. You see how much you will actually get straight away and the only 'costs' you need to factor in for is the box to pack up what your selling and your trip to the Collect+ point. We were also pleasantly surprised how much our stuff sold for having expected to make much less.

    Overall our experience was really positive, and it is definitely an app we would use again and recommend to others as a great way to quickly make money decluttering.

    Exclusively for our readers Ziffit is offering a special 15% extra cash on all trade ins so that you can make even more money decluttering your home. Simply use the promo code SCOTTS15.

    How do you make money decluttering? Have you used Ziffit, let us know your thoughts. 

    Although this post is sponsored all opinions are our own. Sponsored posts help to keep SavingScotts running so we can continue to share financial freedom enabling advice.