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Earn money tutoring

Becoming a private tutor is a great job option for university students. It is flexible, you manage your hours, for anyone looking to go into teaching it is also great experience. Depending on your qualifications you could earn £15 - 30 per hour depending on your experience. If you have academic knowledge, good communication skills and lots of patience then tutoring may be the job for you.

earn money  tutoring

How much should I charge?
There are a few factors to consider for how much you should be charging. The first is your experience, do you have a undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD in this subject (the price should increase respectively) and do you have previous teaching experience of this subject. Secondly you will want to think about transportation costs if you go to the student. 
However, don't forget Tutoring doesn't just have to be face-to-face. There is an increasing demand for Skype tutors (allowing you to cut down on the cost of transportation and increase profits). But if you are tutoring face-to-face you are going to want to determine if you go to the student or if they come to you.

What should it tutor?
In the U.K. demand is primarily for 11+, common entrance exams, GCSE and A-levels tutoring. Try to think about which exam systems you have experience with (and success in) and focus upon teaching these areas.In addition, it is often easiest and most appropriate to tutor in a subject directly or closely related to your degree subject (I.E maths and physics for those studying engineering) as this demonstrates a higher level of understanding in this subject than your student is required to learn.
If you speak another language fluently or play a musical instrument to a high level (typically at least grade 8) then you might want to consider tutoring in these areas and these also present lucrative tutoring opportunities.

When tutoring you will want to be aware of what exam board the student is studying for and be familiar with the specifications of that exam board in order to tailor the tutoring to their needs. Be sure to brush up on the course syllabus before you start tutoring so you can provide the best quality service possible.

How to advertise?
Websites such as GumTree or other local listing sites are a great place to start. Beckie had a flatmate in her first year of university who found maths tutees this way very successfully. Whilst tutor specific sites such as First Tutors 

Word of mouth is also a great option. Ask family and friends if they know anyone who needs tuition. Once you start to get tutees  encourage them to share your services with their friends (perhaps offer a referral discount) as this is a great way to gain new clients.

Creating a Facebook page or website to advertise your tutoring services is another great way to share your tutoring services and adds a level of professionalism.

Reaching out to schools. Putting up flyers at schools (or university) is another great way to reach out to potential students. Just make sure to get the necessary permission first.

Have you worked as a tutor? What are your experiences of it as a part time job.

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