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Blogging your way to riches

I love being a blogger. It provides me with an income that allows me to work around my masters degree.  It has allowed me to develop my passion for personal finance but also rediscover my passion for graphic design. Through blogging I am able to support my husband and myself through our degrees. 

What I didn't expect when I started blogging was the amazing community there is. Whilst it's important to carve out a niche (puts here at SavingScotts being personal finance for students) I have loved immersing myself in the community of UK personal finance bloggers. It is actually one of our goals next year to get even more involved and attend the Sho-Mos (which we won runner up for best money making blog).

Emma Bradley and Lynn James are personal finance bloggers who I have great admiration. Whilst blogging is a part time income for me, these ladies have mastered blogging in order to make it their full time income.

They have just released a new book 'blogging your way to riches'
In which they share their wealth of experience on how to turn blogging into a successful income. 

They share guidance on all areas of blogging making it a great book for both the novice blogger and the more seasoned writer. Whatever you expertise there is sure to be something for you. Their book will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and build your strategy accordingly. It would make the perfect Christmas gift for any blogger. 

Blogging has had such a positive impact in our lives. It has helped give us greater purpose to achieve our financial goals, seek out new earning opportunities and continually grow our knowledge. When we first started blogging we had no idea how many doors it would open or that it would become such a large part of our income. 

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