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Earn Money At University Nannying

With the cost of childcare skyrocketing and students with an ever increasing need to have a income capable of sustaining them whilst studying (aka not national minimum wage). Students have for years turned to babysitting and au paring as a great way to gain supplemental income whilst still being flexible to allow your studies.

earn money nannying

But it can sometimes be tricky to find nannying jobs as a student with no formal childcare qualifications. Whilst local listed advertisements can be great, especially if you university has a site, and online sites such as can help with the search of finding nannying jobs neither are specifically aimed at students.

We recently came across a site called student nannies. It aims to put parents in need of flexible child care in contact with univeristy students looking for work around their studies. They aim to help students find regular work and intern a regular income rather than struggling with zero-hours contracts and the uncertainty they bring.

However, the perks to students extend beyond the new paycheque but also the opportunity to intern and gain CV enhancing opportunities. One user described how she was able to obtain and internship through her networking with her nannying family opening up opportunities that would by have other wise been afforded to her.

The amount you can earn depends on the family and location (London jobs pay more, and there are more London listings on the site), but remember you are entitled to the national minimum wage (if your employer counts you as a worker). The only downside to the site is that it is not shown initially on a listing how much the family are willing to pay. 

Student Nannies advises parents to pay a rate that reflects babysitting in their areas. Outside of London this is about £8/£10 an hour and inside of London £10/£12 an hour. If there is additional tutoring involved in the role then the hourly wage can quickly increase to £25/£30 per hour. This can be a great way to tap into the earning potential of a talent be it playing the piano or maths.

What are you experiences of nannying / babysitting as an income stream. 

Looking for more student friendly jobs check out this list of online jobs 


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