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Frugal Christmas Gift Guide | For Her

November is already here (where has 2016 gone!!) and now is time to start thinking about christmas gift buying. 

ASDA recently conducted a study where they found last year parents spent an average of £294.00 on their children !! Whilst as a university student most don't have children of your own, you may still have an extensive network of family and friends to buy for and cost of Christmas can quickly creep up. 

What was more shocking about the research showed that 25% feel of those buying gifts say they feel pressure to buy presents that stretch their budget or that they can’t afford.  

This is so sad that the focus is being shifted to the value of the gift rather than just giving. However, you don't have to let christmas take a toll on your finances this year by making a budget of what you really can afford and sticking to it (even if that means cutting back in certain areas of buying inexpensive presents).

Lets make Christmas 2016 a debt free one!! 

Stuck on what to get for christmas? Well good news SavingScotts has put together a list of the perfect gifts to give this season and best of all they are budget friendly with all gifts being under £15. In today's post we will be sharing the gift guide for her, but we also have a gifts for him and children coming out in the near future so stay tuned.

8. Apron
11. Hand cream set (not shown but these are completely lush) 

When do you start buying your christmas presents?

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  1. These are super cute... And great deals!

  2. I try to buy Christmas presents spread through the year as I see the perfect gift. I usually only have to buy 6 or so each year anyway, so it's not too terrible to budget for. Great collection here!