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Making the most of casback

Who wouldn't want free money just for shopping? We that is exactly how cashback works. Whenever I make a large online purchase I look to see if I can get cashback. 

Currently some banks offer cashback on purchases made. The Santander 123 Credit Card (and I'm only advocating credit cards if you can use them responsibly i.e. pay them off every month and even then I strongly caution against them) has a staggered cashback depending on the type of purchase. Lloyds offer an 'everyday offers' scheme which provides cashback and is available on all current account including student accounts (and can be used on a debit card). Also if you are a Lloyds customer be sure to sign up to their 'its on us' scheme where they can randomly pay for something you purchased on your card during the month up to the value of £500.

My favourite online cashback scheme is Quidco. I have found myself using it a lot whilst booking my holiday to America this summer. We managed to get cashback on our flights, accommodation, car hire and currency exchange which has saved us quite a bit of money and all for buy what we would have bought in the first place. Plus there is a handy app so you can see what inshore cash back offers are available in your area. Though the cashback may not seem like huge amounts it quickly adds up. But remember to not let it encourage impulse buys purely because of the cashback. 

Grocery cashback- Quidco, Shopitiize, Checkoutsmart and TopCashback all offer cashback schemes for shopping where you upload your receipt and if it coincides with any cashback offers they are running you get the money back. I find that it works well to check these sites when you are writing your shopping list. Though don't be fooled sometimes it still works out cheaper to buy generic store brand rather than the branded product with cashback. For all my English readers out there head over to CouponShop for the latest top cashback deals and where best to use them. 

What amazing deals have you found with cashback schemes?

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