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Top 50 Personal Finance Resources

There is a wealth of resources available to help with budgeting and personal finance. But sometimes it can feel overwhelming, it can be hard to know where to start. We are sharing some of the best resources out there so you can find the best budgeting and personal finance tools. 

This post is divided into four categories
- Top 5 apps and software
- Top 10 blogs and websites
- Top 10 Youtube channels
- Top 25 Articles

Top 5 apps/ software

  • EveryDollar- Both online and on app this software links to the Dave Ramsey system of budgeting and allows you to create a system based on the zero-sum method.
  • Mint- Is a money management software that allows you to effortlessly cream a budget. It also include a credit score function. 
  • PersonalCapital- This is both software and a website that allows you to easily manage your finances in one place (and for free). It allows you to see your net worth, manage your cash flow,  spot any sneaky fees and allow you to analysis your progress towards meeting your investment goals amongst other tools. Its a great all around for keeping an eye on your financial portfolio. 
  • Grocery smarts Takes your local grocery store ad and matches them up with coupons to ensure you find the best deals.
  • Tiller - Automated budgeting software linked to your bank accounts that feeds in google sheets. Perfect for those who love using spreadsheets for budgeting. 

Top 10 websites/ blogs

  • College investor- Amazing advice for millennials to help them in all areas of their personal finance from eradicating debt to building wealth. 
  • Disease Called Debt  A UK personal finance blog with a wealth of knowledge on tackling debt. There are also brilliant resources on side-hustling and boosting your income.
  • Six figures under A family sharing their journey of paying off law school debt. Great tips on debt repayment and living a frugal lifestyle
  • moneysaving mom Great tips on integrating frugality into family life, also regular poster of great deals and offers on the web.
  • From aldi to harrods Another UK blog about directing your finances so you lead the life you want.
  • 20 something finance Sharing inspirational journey to being able to save over 85% of income. Great tips on building wealth and how to begin investing.
  • Living well spending less Tips on integrating smart money saving decisions into family life. Covers not just finance, but life, home and food. 
  • Get rich slowly Articles on everything taxes to investing. More focused on personal finance and less on a frugal lifestyle.
  • Money Propeller Giving guidance towards achieving your financial goals. Encompass both personal finance and frugal lifestyle topics.
  • 5 Dollar Dinners a great site for finding the perfect recipe for when you are on a budget. There are also so brilliant meal plans they have created. 

Top 10 Youtube channels

  • His and Her money-He's the spender and she's the saver and covers topics such as managing money, marriage, and everything In between!. 
  • Gazelleintents-Jackie and Chris are sharing their debt-free journey. Great inspirational videos and regular meals plan/ grocery guides.
  • Rachel Cruz- Daughter of Dave Ramsey Rachel's videos give short but hard hitting financial advice. 
  • DebtIsDum- Family of five who are now debt free sharing their debt kicking tips. Plus they are about to start living in a tiny house. 
  • Do it on a Dime-Great tips on leading beautiful, organized lifestyle on a frugal budget. She also has a great blog over at
  • Frugal debt Free life-Showing you that good living shouldn't cost a fortune. Providing easy, delicious and healthy frugal recipes, money saving tips, quick fixes, tips to going on a family adventure, all for a bargain. Being frugal can be fun, it just takes a little creativity.
  • Budget Girl-A twenty-something young professional who is sick of debt and working her way to wealth and freedom.
  • The Former Mrs Jones-Showing you how a young family continues to live debt free while working on Baby Step 3B.
  • Live Like No One Else- Documenting their family's debt free journey with a greater vloging emphasis 
  • Living life on a Budget (Jessica Ashley)- Working through financial peace in their young family. They became debt free in 2014 and share a lot of great recipes

Top 25 Articles
These are our favourite resources out there and what we turn to on a regular basis. We hope they help you, so what stopping you go explore them and get saving.


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