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Enjoy valentines on a budget

Valentine's day has become as commercialised as every other holiday. But can money truly buy you love? Of course not, and showing that special someone your feelings for them shouldn't break the bank. Here are some of our tips for keeping the budget in check whilst enjoying a special valentines day. 

Treat yourself to a meal at home. Dining in doesn't have to be boring. Look for a special treat recipe you can cook together. Or assign each other to do a set course for the meal. We love using Great British Chefs for our at home dinner dates as they have high quality restaurant style dishes that you can cook from the comfort of your own home (and you don't have to be a Michelin star chef to cook them). Dress up the dining room, get the table cloths and candles out and put on a romantic CD (even better make a playlist together).

Handmade card- There are so many great DIY tutorials on Pinterest for homemade cards. There are so many different options and designs there is one out there for all styles and crafting ability.  Check out these fab DIY scented valentines day cards for a brilliant option by EatSleepBe.

Hand made bouquet. There are several ways to do this. If your feeling super crafty try making a paper bouquet see this great tutorial by 100 Layer Cake. If you are wanting something more traditional consider picking up flowers from your local garden centre or supermarket and turning them into a stunning bouquet.

Spa day at home is a great way to bring some papering into your lives. You could get bath bombs, face masks or nose peels, cucumbers and mimosas (or shloer for a alcohol-free version). Plus if you have any essential oils and candles be sure to get those out.  Check out this brilliant Spa Date night kit by Dating Divas . I love the idea of earning Spa vouchers and think the whole ensemble is really cute. 

So you've decided you don't want to have a night in here are a few options whilst not breaking the bank.

Skip dinner and just go out for dessert. Got on a trip to a ice-cream parlour or pick a restaurant rebound for its desserts and get the opportunity to sample desserts you wouldn't normally try (especially if you usually don't go for dessert when eating out). 

Use voucher sites to snag a deal. Sites such as Groupon are great for getting vouchers for things such as spa days and dinners out. We also found these great coupons for free Lindt chocolate boxes which make a great gift option.

What have you got planned for valentines this year? How are you balancing this holiday with your budget?

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