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Get New Textbooks for Free

Textbooks can be very expensive (especially Law textbooks). There are a couple of standard ways of saving on the cost. Borrowing from a library, renting the textbook, buying a second hand copy or sharing a copy with a friend. Whilst all great ways to save money on textbooks they each are not perfect solutions and have little problems about them. We are going to share with you a trick we found to get brand new textbooks for FREE. This trick saved me hundreds of pounds and it could help you save big too, I only wish I had known about it sooner. 

During my second year I began reviewing books for Oxford University Press who are the main publisher for the law textbooks my degree required. It generally requires me to complete surveys and even if I don't own the book already my university library generally will have it. Other tasks include in-depth book reviews where they will send me a book to keep (and I sell it on) but the tasks rarely take longer than 1-2 hrs. There is also the opportunity to go to discussion panels (with all expenses paid for). 

Presently they only take students from the following subjects:

  • Bioscience
  • Business
  • Chemistry 
  • Economics
  • Law 
  • Politics 
  • Psychology

Through doing the reviewing I get paid in OUP book vouchers meaning that the cost of all my final year text books were covered (over £200 worth). Plus it meant I can have brand new books so at the end of the academic year I can sell them on (I am often able to recoup about 50% rrp provided they are in good condition). For some reviews they have sent me free books and for those I'm not going to use anymore I took the opportunity to sell them at our Law Society's annual book sale.

How do you save money on text books?

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