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Back to School on a Budget

Back to School doesn't have to break the bank but sometimes it feels like it will. From uniforms, sports kits to books and stationery, the list of things to get can feel overwhelming.
But don't fret, back to school doesn't have to cost the earth. There are a number of ways you can save when preparing for the new academic year. Today we are sharing 3 simple tips to help ease the cost of returning to school.

1. Re-Use last years. 

A culture has developed of needing a whole set of brand new school supplies each year. Do you really need to get a new pencil case, binders and bags every year? Look at what you have from last year much of it should still be in reasonable condition (provided you/your children are respectful with their property).
This becomes more so the case as children get older as they damage things less. When purchasing try to invest in good quality items so that they can last a number of years.  This can especially be the case with items such as backpacks which can last many years. 

2. Buy used

Over in England most children wear school uniform, and often it may be specialised for your school with their logo making it expensive. See if your school has a second-hand sale for these logo items as there are always parents with children who have out grown them looking to sell their's on. For the generic items (i.e. those without the school logo) look in charity shops and thrift stores can be a great place to start. Don't be afraid to talk to your parent friends who also have children at the same school, setting a hand-me-down system can be a great way to get your hands on second hand uniform. 

For those in schools without a uniform the burden is less, kids don't need a while new wardrobe just to go to school. Remember they have managed to wear normal clothes all of summer. Once again look for affordable second hand clothing as children will grow out of them so quickly.

3. Wait for the sales. As a college student my term dates are different to schools and so by the time I start term all the back to school items are on sale. If you wait a couple of weeks after term has started stores have great sales on school supplies. This is because they know most people feel compelled to buy everything super early. 

These are also a great opportunity to stock up for next academic year, if buying early is your thing, is you see some super deals. Use this chance to buy items a cut prices yet they are the quality of buying new. We also love using Amazon outlet for reduced priced stationary supplies as you can pick up some super bargains of brand new items. 

4. Don't be afraid to compare

The bookshop on campus or the school uniform supplier is never the cheapest option when it comes to buying supplies. Don't be afraid to shop around to try and find the cheapest deal, as it may not be the store you expect to be the cheapest. 
Talk to other parents or upperclassmen to find out where is best to buy and don't be afraid to tap into their experience and expertise, it will pay off in the long run. 

How do you save when its back to school?


This post contains affiliate links. 

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