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Boost your income as a student

So the summer holidays are here and classes are out, but your wallet is looking very empty from the last semester. Here are some great options for summer work that students can do that can boost you income. But not all of these options aren't limited to over the summer period and could extent to part time work during term time allowing you to supplement your income even further. 

Server / Waitress - Depending on where in the world you live the pay will vary drastically. In Europe you will get a much higher basic rate and less tips where as in america the basic rate can be a fraction of those seen in Europe but tipping is considerably more higher. Things to consider is whether you want to work evenings and weekends as many times you will work those hours. In addition, being on your feet all shift long can be very tiring. However, if your bubbly and love talking to people then being a waitress may a great job. 

Seasonal attraction work such as at summer camps and amusement parks. The hours for these CAN be more sociable but it you are work as a residential leader at a camp then you may have unusual hours. These jobs can be great fun and most of these types of employers will be looking for some summer only staff meaning that they are keen to employ students. 

Babysitting / Mowing/ Garden work/ Car washing- For these types of jobs try advertising in your local community for work. Consider knocking on doors and handing out leaflets to get your name know. Perform well at your job and referrals will come in due to the community nature of your work. As people you work for, friends and family if they know anyone that may be in need of your services.

Tutoring- Many parents will be looking for tutors over the summer to help their children especially if their child is preparing for important exams in the coming academic year. If you have good grades than this is a great way to make money and often pays very well (approx. £20 p/h). Make sure to take the time to properly plan lessons and listen to the need of the parents and the student. Tutoring is great because if a parent is happy with your work they will often refer you to their other parent friends making it easy to pick up lots of work. Consider adverting on a online bulletin board (such as gumtree) if you have not tutored before as many online tutoring posting sites will require a number of references. 

Summer on campus jobs. These may include working in campus shops or as a cleaner during the move in/out period. These may also be a number of student academic jobs. I am currently working as a researcher in my law school over the summer (think mini PHD style job) and am loving it as it relates to my subject and pays well (approx. £18p/h)

Summer Internships for big companies in certain sectors are not voluntary but paid (and is becoming increasingly common). This is a great way to garner industry experience whilst still not letting you bank account dwindle. Applications for this type of work often have to be made far earlier than the other previously mention due to the competitive nature of internships. 

Etsy/Ebay- consider making and selling something online, though be aware of sellers fees on sites such as Etsy and Ebay and ensure you list at a price that makes it financially viable. This can be a great option to do in addition to another job until your business takes off. 

What work did/do you do as a student over summer vacation?


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    1. These are some really good jobs. When I was a teenager, I was a shampoo girl at a hair salon. the pay was good but the tips were even better!

    2. If we didn't have other obligations (like kids!) the husband would be all over these in the summer. I worked in a pizza shop during my traditional foray with college.

    3. I'm not a college student, but as a college instructor I have the same sort of schedule and monetary needs in the summer when I don't get paid! I love babysitting and tutoring as side jobs. Pet and house sitting are also great gigs I loved before I was married -- I got paid to spend a few weeks in a great house, with a pool!

    4. Tutoring sounds like a great option to make extra money during the summer months. I would also add freelance writing or virtual assistant jobs that you can do online. They are pretty flexible and you can find them through Upwork, Elance and People Per Hour.

    5. One of my worst summer jobs was working at The Rainforest Cafe as a hostess and giant frog. Ugh. It's nice to not be in college anymore.

    6. These are all great options. When I was a college student, I had a lot of different jobs. I worked over the summer as a mail carrier for the post office, and as a retail stock person. During the school year I worked on the college campus for the radio station as well as the cafeteria, and on the side I did "pizza runs" where for a slight markup, I'd go get a stack of pizzas for other students in the dorms.