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July Budget Cheat Sheet

July is almost here (which means we're almost 1/2 way through 2015!!). Here are some things to factor into this months budget. 

Summer holiday activities- So the kids are done with school. You may have to organise childcare to cover when you are working, or they may be going to summer camp.  You may also have them at home with you but are keen to keep them busy during the summer months. There are so many free activities you can do with children including, museums, Picnics in the park, visit national parks. Check out this great post on fun free family activities. 

4th July- For those in the USA this is a massive holiday and often involves food, family, friends and fireworks all of which can work out expensive. If you are travelling be sure to factor in for gas and accommodation. For food consider a pot-luck. 

BBQs- Summer months give a great opportunity to have friends and family over for a BBQ.  If you are considering replacing your BBQ,  look at 2nd hand sites such as Gumtree and Craigslist as there are lots of good quality second hand BBQs. Consider having a pot-luck BBQ where your guest all bring some food to either put on the BBQ or as a side dish. This is a great way to cut the food costs associated with BBQs. 

Vacations- Holidays are just around the corner for many of us, though most of the expenses should have been paid/saved for already there may be still be a few expenses left such as luggage, clothes, toiletries and currency exchange to factor in for. Also if you are travelling abroad don't forget to let your bank know. Give your self a set amount that you can spend over the holiday (I find it easier to say how much I can spend a day) and stick to it. That way your holiday won't follow you home with a nasty bill.

Air conditioning as the temperature begins to rise it is now the time issues with ac will show up both in your house and car. Be prepared for these expenses to occur.

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