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Earn $2,500+ a month talking to international students

Love to chat. What if I said you could earn a tidy sum just by talking to strangers.

Don't worry this is no cold calling job, no targets, no sales involved, just simply talking.

Native talk pays good money for you to speak English to international students (primarily Chinese) in order to help them practice their spoken English.

If you love to talk and have the heart of a teacher then this could be the perfect job for you. The flexibility of the work makes it perfect for college students looking to boost their income.

Earn money talking international students

How it works

To sign up to NativeTalk as a tutor, you need to be a student or alumni from their specified list of colleges (in UK and US). Though if your university is not listed don't panic, drop them an email as they are willing to consider student/alumni from elsewhere.

You will need to have proof of your student/alumni status (I.E. a ID card), and create a profile and audio proficiency example. You are able to specify your availability, so you determine how much or little you want to work. The only restriction is you need to have a wifi access.

The level of competency of the students have vary massively, but many will have elementary proficiency, so you need to be patient and expect conversations to be basic in this instances.

How much could I earn

NativeTalk pays $12 an hour. So if you worked a normal 7 hour working day 30 days a month you could bring in over $2,500.

But you may not have that much time and be looking to fit in extra work around full time employment, if you worked 2 hours, 5 days a week you could bring in $480 a month, that is a tidy sum and a good amount of money.

Regardless of how many hours you work, it has the potential to be a great income stream and particularly targeted at college students looking to supplement their income

Isn't it just like NiceTalk?

The concepts are incredibly similar, but there are two main reasons why NativeTalk provides a better option.

Firstly, the NativeTalk site is in English, where as NiceTalk's is in Chinese, this is not great for the English speaking tutor. 

Secondly, NativeTalk pays $12 p/h vs NiceTalk paying $10, though not huge, does make a difference, especially if you are looking to make this a more full time role. 

If you end up giving NaiveTalk a try, feel free to comment in the comment section down below on how your experience was or if you have any questions!


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    1. This is awesome! Totally looking into it!

    2. My alma matar is not on the list, but I'm sharing it. I bet I've got some readers that would enjoy this! Great info.

    3. This looks great! my school isn't on the list but I may send them an email to see if they would consider me.

    4. Oh my gosh! I'd be so good at this! I'll need to see if my school is on here!

    5. This is awesome. I'm seriously considering moving back to the UK to pursue a PhD, but to do so, I need to figure out how to support myself financially despite the intense work law restrictions for international students and it looks like I may be able to piecemeal together enough income to take on very minor debt between several online opportunities. I'm adding this to the list!

    6. That's very nice opportunity for both native English speakers and those who are learners. I need someone to talk to as I am planning to study in UK, so I need English on more professional level. By the way, if there are also some people who are willing to start or continue education in UK examine over there .