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10 Common expenses to stop spending money on.

It's all to easy to find lots of little expenses slipping their way into your life. But when money is tight, and you want to make your budget go as far as possible it is worthwhile reassessing all your expenses. So many costs (that very quickly add up) can find their way into your budget and they are not really that essential - though sometimes we might see them more as 'needs' rather than 'wants'. These are 10 common expense that you should stop spending money on - and trust us your budget will thank you for it.  This list is especially aimed at you, millennials and students, who are finding things tight. You might just find eliminating these expenses help you bring that little extra leeway in the your budget you've been needing to achieve your financial goals.

  1. Cable TV / Sky - It has become so commonplace to have to get crazy expensive TV packages (we're talking £50+ per month). By cutting out the cable you will find you have more time - it seriously does great things for friendships and relationships because as a society we have become far too addicted to spending time around a TV. You could see yourself saving £600+ a month with one simple change. If your not quite ready to give up all TV have a look at Freesat TVs or Amazon Prime (remember you can get 6 months free as a student) as some great budget friendly alternatives (we have a whole post on watching TV for free). 
  2. Tumble Dryers - They're expensive to buy, and even more expensive to run (and lets not forget the cost it has on the environment). You will find your electricity bill significantly reduced when you stop using your tumble dryer. Over the past three years I have not used a tumble dryer once. Instead I make great use of drying racks (and if the weather is good our washing line). 
  3. Haircuts - Going to the hairdressers is expensive. Whilst using discounts such as students discount can help mitigate the cost, they can eradicate it completely. You can pick up a hairdressing scissors kit found around the same price as a man's haircut, meaning you have made your money in on go. Though we must admit the task is quite a bit easier if you have someone else to help you cut your hair. Whilst we figure this tip is probably easier for guys, some girls may also find trimming their own hair a great alternative (and at home hair dying kits cost a fraction of a salon colouring treatment). 
  4. Bottled water-  While there clearly are some countries in the world where bottled water is an essential, in most developed countries this simply is not the case. If you are buying bottled water for the convenience, then consider getting some reusable bottles, filling them up and storing them in the fridge is for you. If you are concerned about water quality then getting a water filter system will work out cheating in the long run rather than using bottled water and it reduces the use of unnecessary plastics (though you might want to asses whether you really need it). 
  5. Gym membership - Whilst you might find the gym on campus is slightly cheaper than others, it is still an unnecessarily expensive way of getting fit. Outdoor gyms are popping up all over the place, they are free and have much of the traditional equipment, but instead of the fancy electronic versions in the gym they are outdoor friendly ones instead. These gyms are free to use, and you might even find some fun, free activities/classes being run there too. Another great option for working out for free it to grab yourself one of the hundreds of free fitness apps available - from walking to yoga you are sure to find something to suit your interests and abilities. 
  6. Pharmaceuticals - I'm not saying don't my the medication you need, but next time you buy paracetamol do you really need to spend 10x as much on some fancy brand name version compared to the ultra cheap generic version (which are for all intents and purposes the same product). Sexual health products are also often available for free on university campuses and at sexual health clinics (because condoms can be expensive - though definitely cheaper than a kid). 
  7. Tampons/Sanitary towels - In a woman lifetime she can spend a small fortune of feminine products (and make a significant contribution to a landfill). Menstrual cups are eco-friendly, reusable and for only £20 super economical. Some universities even offer free sanitary products, the uni Chris goes to offers free moon cups, towels and tampons every Wednesday so you need not ever go without. 
  8. Stationery - I cannot count how much free stationary we have collected over the years. At careers fairs, at the library, at random stalls in town we are always sure to collect some freebies stationery to add to our stash. From pens, to highlighters to post-it notes we've collected it all. When your a full time student it really does add up. 
  9. Printing - As a student printing can cost a small fortune, whilst getting refillable ink cartridges can really help save, there is an alternative that can be free. Many universities are starting to have printers with Aiwip which allows you to print for free and in return you have a small banner of adverts at the bottom of your work. 
  10. Household utensils - At the end of the academic year you might wonder what your school does with all the stuff that is left behind. Often the items that are in good condition are given away for free at the students union. This is an awesome way to pick up a kitchens worth of goods for nothing. 

How could making these simple changes help you achieve your financial goals?


  1. Great post! I could certainly have done with some of these tips back in my uni days...

  2. Wow, I never actually realised how much I overspend. I try to use this site for bits and bobs i need im glad i've found your site an all. I've recently started University and I seem to have no money left all the time. I do have a Virgin media service which costs around £44.00 per month.
    I may have to shop around and see where I can save money.
    It's the first step, I suppose it's better than nothing.

  3. Very sensible tips particularly the medications, I am always amazed at the mark up on paracetomol and ibuprofen!

  4. You might like, it's much better. Especially for students hard-up on cash. There are lots of broadband deals being shared all the time on there, as well as voucher codes and coupons for your shopping.