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How to watch TV for free

The average cable subscription in the USA has just hit $100 a month and they are increasing at crazy levels (up 39% since 2010). Now is the time to look into alternative options for TV.
But it is possible to never pay a penny for TV, that means no crazy cable subscriptions, no TV license fee, nothing. 

There are some great online TV viewing services such as Netflix, Hulu and AmazonPrime that cost a fraction of the price of cable and are great alternatives. But they aren't free so if your looking for the ultimate money saving option for TV viewing then keep reading. 

All you need is an internet connection and your ready to go.

The TV license is required when you are watching live TV and is £145.50 a year. But it is not required when you are watching play-back. This mean you can watch services such as BBC Iplayer, 4od, ITV player and demand 5 for free a they all offer delayed showing of the live TV of the main UK TV channels. It the same high quality TV, and the exact same programs you would watch live but just at a different time and on-demand, which in many ways makes it more convenient. 

* Update- New laws require you to have a TV license to watch on demand TV. However, there is a loophole for students, if you parents have a TV license and you watch it on a device that is not plugged into the mains (i.e a laptop not on charge or a mobile phone) then you don't need a license*

Students can watch amazon prime FREE for 6 months
Amazon Student gives you free six month subscription of amazon prime (including its online video service). All you need to do is use your academic email to register and your ready to go. Team up with your friends and stagger your 6 month trials back to back to give you free TV throughout the whole of your degree. Be sure to cancel before you are charged the £39 fee upon the end of the 6 months trial. 

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  1. For netflix, I would also add that if you're trying to save money on a subscription, share an account with friends! A 4-screen subscription costs £9/month, and I share the account with my two housemates so it adds up to £3 each per month.

  2. Sadly, we are two of those Americas with a ridiculous cable bill. As soon as I finish price shopping our insurance (my once-a-year project!), I plan to campaign obnoxiously to Mr. P about cable. I'm looking for a long-term solution that won't require him to give up his three favorite channels (sadly, Hulu only offers two). Great motivation!

  3. I haven't paid for TV since college. One of the good things about living on a cruise ship for years was that I just got used to never watching live TV. Everyone would just swap DVD sets and watch whatever anyone had brought onboard. It made never going back to cable TV super easy.