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Don't let black Friday take you into the red

Over here in the UK black friday is increasingly becoming a bigger event (despite the fact we don't do thanksgiving so it seems odd to have a place in UK culture). It is so easy to get caught up in the moment but don't let black friday drag you into debt (or hinder your progress for getting out of debt).

Shops love to lure you in with special deals, that get you up at the crack of dawn. The pressure to buy can feel overwhelming. Some easy ways to manage your spending on black friday are

  • Shop on cash (or debit card for online) only. Cant afford to pay cash (or the electronic equivalent) then you can't afford to buy what you are looking at. Take a pre-set amount of cash with you and once it is gone its gone.
  • Plan ahead, if you are going to be making purchased make a list of what you intend to buy (and ensure that they are things you need to buy and can afford). This could include thing that you intend to buy for christmas presents.
  • Stick to your list. When you start to deviate from your pre-set shopping plan that is when the problems arise and you start buying compulsively.
  • Use the method that reduces compulsion the most. Some people find being a physical shop worse than online shopping and visa versa.
  • Take a buddy who will hold you accountable (make sure its not someone who will compel you to buy more) and enjoy the shopping experience together whilst being responsible. 
As Dave Ramsey puts it 

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