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Why life is better debt free

We are loving being debt free and the blessings it has brought into our lives. We are thankful for our journey to becoming debt free and hope that the lessons we have learned will stay with us throughout our lives (and prevent us getting into more debt). Today we are sharing some of the reasons why we are loving life so much now we are debt free. 

1. We can plan for our future
We are in a position now where we are able to plan for our futures. For us this involves getting our masters debt free and saving for a house deposit. Before when there was debt in the situation that had to be the priority of the focus and it detracted from our goals of the future. 

2. The burden is lighter
We don't have to worry about who we owe. We don't feel enslaved to a lender (Proverbs 22:7). We can live our lives as we want not bound by the constraints of another. The budget is able to be a little bit more relaxed and luxuries we cut out we can enjoy every now and again. The stress is considerably less, there is no worrying about going into overdrafts (incidentally C has now cancelling his overdraft when we got rid of the card). Less stress means less of a strain on our relationship. Rows about money just don't seem to happen anymore, we are on the same page and working towards the same goals. 

3. We can do things we enjoy
We can do activities or go on date nights without it being an issue. Since being debt free we can allocate more money to these areas of the budget (without going overboard). We are looking forward to visiting extended family over the Christmas holidays when we plan to go on a short road trip. These are treats that we can afford to include in the budget now we don't have to worry about paying down debt. 

4. We can give more generously
My family instilled in me the importance of giving to charity when you can and for many years sponsored children in less fortunate financial situations. When you live paycheck to paycheck there is little or no room in the budget to give. When we give we both give and receive blessings in our lives, being in a position to give is such a rewarding experience. Being able to pay it forward is such a wonderful way to make use of your money. 

What do you love about being debt free


  1. These reasons are many of the reasons why we are trying to so hard to pay down our mortgage. I know it's important to save for retirement, but I get such a sinking feeling when I look at the statement (particularly all the interest) every month. Great post!

  2. It is amazing the things you can do when you aren't paying interest.

  3. The sense of freedom I felt once our debts were paid off was immense. We managed the debts on 0% credit cards, but it made such a difference knowing that our money was our own.