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10 things I've bought that saved me money

Inspired by BudgetGirl's video tag I decided to embark upon the "Things I've bought that saved me money" tag.

1. Annual bus pass. At £365 a year rather than over £4 a day this has definitely saved me a lot this past academic year. 

2. Water bottle and travel squash. I take these to uni everyday and it saves me so much as I don't end up buying drinks on campus. All I've gotta do is find a water source and add the squash and voila the perfect refreshing drink

3.  Slow cooker. Chris and I received this as a gift for our engagement (so not technically a purchase). There are so many recipes I can make with my slow cooker, and they are perfect for my busy schedule. It means that if there is a meal all ready for me when I get home 

4. NUS card. This is a student saver card that gets you student discount at so many stores and restaurants. It is only £12 a year but I have definitely saved more than that from the card. My tastecard also falls under this category (though I have never actually bought one, having won them in competitions). Tastecard's get you 2for1 in many restaurants.

5. My DIY 'savvy cents' wallet. I found a super cute French Connections purse at TK Maxx about 2 years ago and recently started using it again as it has so many compartments making it easy for me to use a cash only system. This has helped me save money by not using my card and also sticking more stringently to the budget.

6. Hair scissors. I have been cutting my own hair for the past three years and this has saved me so much money. I find that with curly hair it doesn't need to be super perfect. 

7. Tupperware. I recently invested in some better quality Tupperware and love using it. I am keen on cooking in bulk and freezing. I also like to purchase items in clearance aisle and freeze them. In addition, I've been striving to take lunches with me to uni much more (as the canteen is expensive). 

8. Falling under a similar category my drinks flask (thermos flask). I bought a super cute Kate Spade one on eBay before starting college and love it. In the winter I will take soup into uni for lunch, or hot chocolate. 

9. 'Bag for life' I have a couple of the 10/50p bags that I reuse, this saves me money when shopping at the shops on campus which charges for every bag that I use. This is not only great for my budget but also for the planet. Plus when it wears out take it to the supermarket and they will change it for free hence the bag for life. 

10. Staples better binder. I bought 5 during my high school years and they are still going strong and I intend to use them for the whole of law school (as I've only got one year left). I also use one for my household binder. This has saved me money as lower quality binders I have used in the past have 'died' really quickly and meant more cost for buying replacements.

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