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Guest Post

Guest Posts

Here at SavingScotts we love to welcome guest posts from writers of similar interests (personal finance, college money, investments). To guest post simply email us a link to your blog or writing samples as well as post topic you would like to write about. 

If we accept your application to guest post we have the following requirements.

Guest Post Requirements:

  • Between 500-800 words long
  • Spelling and grammar must be reasonably correct – lack of basic proofreading will result in your post being rejected
  • You may include up to 2 links to your blog in the article
I would prefer posts from bloggers who have been blogging at least 2 months.  This will allow me to view your work as well as your writing style before accepting a post.  If you do have a blog, please include a writing sample in your email as well.

To contact us about guest posting or if you have any other questions click here. 

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