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Wonky veg box review

A while ago ASDA announced that they were introducing wonky veg boxes into their stores. My local was a listed store but despite checking regularly none were being stocked. When doing our shop this week we discovered that they actually had some in the store now so we though we would give it a go and let you guys know our thoughts on the box.

The concept is about encouraging people to buy 'imperfect food' that would otherwise go to waste. In a waste not, want not fashion. A bit like a broken biscuit tin there is no preset combination of veg in a box, but there is a label to say what the box contains on the outside so it is not a surprise.

I would always rather have fresh food thats 'ugly' than pretty frozen veg so we love the concept of a veg box on a budget. Plus because it is veg that would have otherwise gone to waste it is sold at a reduced price, the box was only £3.50 but have about £8 worth of vegetables in it. Being able to source low cost food is a great way to keep costs down so if like us your trying to stick to a budget wonky veg can help you with that.

Ours contained the following

  • aubergine
  • salad onions
  • onions (white)
  • orange peppers
  • carrots
  • cabbage
  • lettuce 
  • potatoes 
Check out the video below to see what the box contained and our thoughts on the concept.

Overall we are really happy with the box and think it is good value for money. My biggest gripe is that the lettuce was in a plastic bag as other than that it is pretty eco friendly packaging. The blemishes on the vegetables were all very minor (I would hardly consider blemishes) and the unusual shapes weren't that different. The carrots were probably the most 'deformed' but as most of the time we would be chopping them up, you wouldn't notice, plus I'm planning on using them in a soup anyway. 

What do you think of the idea of a wonky veg box, is it something you would buy?


  1. My nearest Asda is half an hour away, we only have Morrisons nearby! I wish they would start doing this, I would definitely buy one.

  2. I love the ugly produce movement. We waste so much and (at least in the US) still have a lot of people going hungry or without access to healthy foods because of their expense.
    And I love your video. Seeing what ugly produce looks like (basically, a lot like the stuff I remember picking in our garden as a kid) should make people a lot more comfortable with the idea.

  3. I love this idea! We need it here in NZ!