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Earn up to $25/£15 per hour to deliver for amazon flex

We all love flexible working opportunities and amazon flex is perfect for anyone from the busy mom to a college student. In the world of ever expanding flexible work opportunities this is a great option run by the mega corporation that is Amazon. Best of all Amazon has just unveiled that it will be introducing AmazonFlex to the UK. 

Presently only available in Birmingham in the UK. But they will be expanding to other cities shortly so it is worthwhile being added to the notification list. 

It is currently available for those in the following USA cities:
Seattle, New York, Richmond, Nashville, Portland, Raleigh, Virginia Beach, Austin, Dallas, Baltimore, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Columbus metro areas.

What is Amazon Flex?

With Amazon growing so much and an increase in prime and subscribe and save members they are needing more and more delivery options to keep up with the constant increase in demand. Making this a great opportunity for you to get involved in its expansion. Working as a Flex driver you would deliver amazon parcels in your local area. You will pick them up from a local delivery station and distribute them.

Whilst there are no guarantees of hours, the block system amazon use does allow a lot of flexibility. Just let them know what days you can work and for hour many 3 hour blocks you are available. 

What are the requirements?

All you need to get started is a car and a smartphone (android). Sadly they are not offering it to those on bike or walking yet. 

You need to be over 18, have a drivers license and fully insured on your vehicle. Beyond that and living in a Amazon Flex area there are no other requirements. 

Though cost of fuel, millage and insurance is not covered by the job. So this is something to keep in mind and thing about how efficient your car is.

But when you consider that you can earn up to £15/$25 per hour, the generous salary could quite easily make up for the cost in fuel etc. 

How to sign up?

If you live in an area where Amazon Flex is already operating then go ahead and sign up to this great gig. 

For those in areas it has not yet reach (especially those in the UK where this is new to) you can get ahead of the game by registering your interest on their site. That way Amazon will contact you as soon as it start recruiting in your area. 

Overall it seems like a pretty great flexible job opportunity. With a decent salary and flexibility options. There is the perk of not having to deal with customers much like Uber or Lyft. Nor do you have co-worers or bosses to deal with. Just you and the open road. It is not marketed as a full-time opportunity but could be a great way to supplement your income. 

Have you had any experience with Amazon Flex? Share your stories below. 

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  1. Awesome - it's like Uber but without drunk party goers vomiting in the back of your car.